— TEAM —

Working Together To
Deliver the Feeling of Home.

Property Management

LB Hunt

Libertad Cedar City is maintained by LB Hunt Management Group, a property management company that’s focused on serving Utah’s vibrant communities. At the core of LB Hunt’s values is the underlying belief that each tenant is special and deserves to be treated with respect and care. With a passion for connecting with residents, LB Hunt is more than a management company. They’re a neighbor. If you’d like to know more about living at Libertad, please reach out today. We can’t wait to meet you!

Supportive Services

Iron County Care and Share

From an on-site office, Iron County Care and Share maintains a fulltime supportive presence at Libertad. They’re there to link residents with assistance and resources, to provide help when needed, and create opportunities for increased stability and self-sufficiency. 

Throughout the Cedar City area, Iron County Care and Share serves as a dependable referral agency. Not just matching people with housing. But making sure folks have the support they need to stay permanently and comfortably housed.


The Vecino Group

The Vecino Group is a company devoted to housing for the greater good. Every project we touch—affordable, supportive or otherwise—must address a broader need, set an example, give back and inspire the people working on it with a sense of higher purpose.

At Libertad, that higher purpose was easy to identify. To create affordable housing, empower residents, and provide supportive housing for families at risk of homelessness in an integrated setting was purpose enough. But to do it against a mountain backdrop in an economically vibrant area? Add the opportunity to work with Iron County Care and Share and meet community needs? Sign us up! Together, we look forward to making Libertad a stable, comfortable place where obstacles are removed and spirits soar.