— On-Premise Amenities —

Whatever you feel like.
Whenever you feel like it.

The world outside

Some days call for a sweaty workout and laughing with friends until your cheeks hurt. Other days are meant for solitude and curling up with a good book. Libertad is designed for it all—whatever it takes to charge your spirit and leave you feeling good. Home is the place that leaves you ready for everything else. Welcome home.

Community Room

With a hearth area, kitchen, gathering table, and kids’ play corner, the Community Room is ready for events big and small. Birthday parties to study sessions, friendly conversations to Boy Scout meetings; the living room of Libertad is waiting.

Fitness Room

Cardio equipment, free weights, yoga space. The fitness room at Libertad has everything you need to lower stress, boost endorphins, and remind your body how good it feels to move. 

Computer Room

Pixels a plenty! The computer room is waiting for all your technology needs. Type a paper. Fill out a job application. Or just scroll social media to coo at cat videos and see what that one guy from your high school has been up to in the last twenty years. We’ll supply the computers. The productivity is up to you.

Endless Outdoors

Utah supplies the beauty. Libertad just delivers the access. Whether it’s playing a quick nine holes on the neighboring municipal golf course, watching your kids make friends at the tot-lot play area, or simply kicking back in a comfy chair and enjoying a mountain view, you have endless opportunities to get out in it.

Life Skills Classroom

There’s nothing like knowing that help is there if you need it. Through an office on-site, Iron County Care and Share will provide full-time services at Libertad. Life skills classes and support meetings will be offered in this classroom. And when the classroom is free, it will be available for resident gatherings, meetings, or just hanging out.